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The very process of going through IVF can be stressful in itself, emotionally and physically.  My clients say that the quiet space and relaxation offered through acupuncture is a real benefit, giving a place to share your concerns and to really connect to what is going on within your body. 

Ideally women due to have IVF or ICSI would benefit from 3 months of regular acupuncture before beginning.   Giving acupuncture time to do its work of balancing the body before the work ahead.  This is particularly important if you have already had fertility treatments.  I recommend a break of three months between IVF cycles to allow the body and mind to renew and refresh.  Acupuncture assists this process.

However, many people don’t think about having acupuncture three months before, I am often contacted just before a cycle is about to begin.  Acupuncture can still help,  as it can lessen the side effects of the different medications.  The Down Regulation phase can cause mood swings and other unwanted effects including hot flushes and headaches which can be helped with acupuncture.  Then during the Stimulation phase acupuncture works with the medications to increase blood flow to the uterus and to ripen the ovaries.

Then there is a specific acupuncture protocol to support you right before and after implantation, which has been shown to increase pregnancy rates.  Here is some Research.

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