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  A Seasonal Treatment can boost your energy by slipstreaming you with the Spring. 

It really is Spring!   “Its still cold, but it will get warmer – that’s definite. 

In the Cycle of the Seasons, Spring is a forceful energy moving into the year with vigor.  We see it all around, lush, full, exultant!. 

The Organs related to Spring are the Liver and Gall Bladder pair,  which are responsible for the smooth flow of energy to all corners of our being – physical, emotional and spiritual.  If your energy or emotions are up and down all the time suspect your wood is tired or stagnant.

To boost your wood energy in Spring you can do several things:  Encourage your liver to cleanse  by drinking Hot Water and Lemon juice first thing in the morning and do Skin Brushing – dry skin brushing – toward your heart before your bath or shower to stimulate the circulation especially of the lymph, which in turn will help rid the skin of old layers, encouraging a natural detox.  (Start at the feet and work up the legs to the abdomen  and also from finger tips and inward working very gently over the abdomen). 

And exercise – the Liver loves rhythmic motion, dance, power walk….Jog gently but Regularly – Repetition is good for the liver.  The liver hates to be stagnant.  Couch Potato?  Take up Qi Gong / T’ai Chi. and…Eat your Greens – though scientists dispute it, many nutritionists swear that chlorophyll is an intestinal cleanser.  I am keen on Green Drinks myself .  Avoid Caffeine and Greasy Foods.  Eating Apples regularly – this helps ensure you will not have gall stones (the pectin breaks them down)

Things to know about the Wood Energy in your life: 
Between 11pm and 1am is the time of the liver – at its optimum function – which is best when you are asleep or resting:

  1. Women – menstruating – a short lie down in the afternoon reaps huge rewards, allows the blood to return to the liver and so renews and refreshes.
  2. If you stay up late and you may well have a “second wind” in your energy and find yourself making lists and becoming manic with activity.  This is because Wood governs Panning and Decision Making (think of the oak tree already there within the acorn).
  3. Our physical flexibility (through the Tendons and Ligaments) and emotional ease depends on this element as does our inner vision as well as clear sightedness.
  4. Are you feeling sure of your direction?  When wood is in harmony we have clear goals and aspirations and can focus our energy well on what is important.  Problems in Wood could manifest in indecision and or frustration.

Have a Seasonal Treatment for a boost (slipstream with the energy of Spring). 


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