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Lets face it, when we are well we have no symptoms.  

Perhaps if we’re lucky we  may have many signs of good health:   sleeping well, eating well, generally feeling optimistic and happy and content.

Symptoms,  be what they may –  are  signs that we are not fully at home, at ease in our bodies, and  can arise for a multitude of reasons.  First among them, for an acupuncturist will be an imbalance.  Doing too much or too little.  Working too hard.  Being too sad or angry all the time. 

The pain in your knee, may come from arthritis but where did that come from and why have you got it in that knee and not the other?  Do you perhaps have a hip problem that is causing the knee problem, and do you have a hip problem because you feel restricted emotionally?

Do you have stress hormones flooding your system every day, through a difficult job, or boss or partner or your financial situation?  If so that may mean you don’t sleep well, or have little appetite or are often agitated, angry and or depressed.

Acupuncture treatment is all about balance.  Whatever your symptoms.  This doesn’t mean that I am saying I can treat everything, it means that by addressing any imbalance that your symptoms should lessen and perhaps even disappear.  

There are no guarantees, but this is my experience.  It is my experience in treating and being treated.  Which leads on to the fact that acupuncture is great preventative medicine!


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