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Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM

Your first session will be a full enquiry into your symptoms especially those that have brought you to seek treatment, but also including your general health. 

We will also look at your diet, work/life balance and stress factors. Because acupuncture looks at the body in a holistic way, symptoms aren’t seen in isolation but rather as part of an integrated approach. Diagnosis is made by looking at your history, symptoms and emotional wellbeing, together with taking your pulses – (the pulse is taken at the wrist on both sides, and in Chinese Medicine it is believed to reflect the balance of energies in all of your systems, where any blocks or deficiencies can be felt). Depending on what is found, a selection of points will be made. At the end of your first session you will have your first treatment and we will discuss your ongoing treatment plan. As well as acupuncture, your treatment plan may also include deep relaxation exercises and body alignment to support your healing.

Treatment usually begins with weekly sessions for the first month, then as symptoms improve we lengthen the time between appointments until we are meeting only occasionally. Many find that ongoing treatment monthly or bi monthly keep them feeling balanced and well. Classically, treatment at the change of the seasons – when any imbalances tend to be exaggerated is extremely recommended.

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