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Are you feeling on the edge, emotional, overwhelmed? 

When your line manager keeps piling on the work, and you keep doing it.  And you do it to perfection.  You miss lunches, start early, finish late – gym sessions are a distant memory.  It’s gone on for weeks, if not months. Now, on top of it all, your partner might be loosing his job!

Photo of stressed woman before acupuncture she's a blur!

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You’re already not sleeping well and now you’re coming down with something….. but still you soldier on.

You feel you’re in a trap, like a mouse on a wheel.Photo of a mouse on a wheel

How you got here you can’t remember,  nor can you imagine how you can get back to the place where life felt good, where you looked forward with pleasure to the next day, instead of dread.

Next thing, someone says something in the wrong way and you’re in tears in the toilet at work and you feel you can’t go on.  You somehow get home and talk to a friend.  They recommend acupuncture, and here you are……


How can Acupuncture Help me ????


PHEW…. (This was a true story by the way).  First thing, take a deep breath.  I can imagine you’re on the edge of your seat, in fact you are probably always on the edge of your seat and always on your toes!  Shoulders up around your ears?  Take a deep breath, let it out and let

yourself flop back into your chair.  I will tell you how Acupuncture will help you.


Woman with acupuncture needles in back relaxing

Some stress in life is healthy, keeps us interested and lively, but when one difficulty keeps piling on top of another,  there’s always that final thing, the one which pushes you into overwhelm.  Sometime you got into  “fight or flight mode”,  adrenalin coursing through your system.  You became hyped, your breathing shallow. Your sleep became poor.   You couldn’t switch off!  You’re  caught in a vicious cycle now, and it’s just as if your own body is fighting you !    What with the adrenalin and the anxiety, your thinking is cloudy, you can’t make decisions – let alone good ones!    The first thing you have to do is STOP!  take that deep breath.   Realise you have to take some time for yourself!  (A course of Acupuncture can begin this process).

My client said  “When the acupuncture started it was painless and so relaxing, when the session ended I felt a change, something had shifted. Each time I went back I felt stronger and calmer – I got my life back.”

Put yourself back on your agenda.  You have been at the bottom of your “to do” list for too long. Acupuncture can cut through those vicious cycles and give you the space to see clearly what to do next.      Using points to calm and restore balance, then to strengthen and nourish, we can begin the journey back to health and vitality.  It will help you take the  steps you need  for your health, for your life’s pleasure.

So if you are feeling stressed and would like to know more about how acupuncture can help,  call me now on 0208 766 7324 or e mail me here.  



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