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In all forms of acupuncture checking of the abdomen is important but in Japanese Acupuncture it is more primary.  The Hara (abdomen) is a large part of diagnosis – testing for tender spots which indicate various imbalances and then using very fine needles to restore the balance.


If you have ever done a Marshal Art – Judo. Karate, Tai Chi or practiced Chi Gong – teachers will tell you to breathe from a place just below your navel.  About two finger widths below the navel and the same distance inside the body.  Here is the place of energy.  Where all the acupuncture meridians stem from.  This is our centre of energy – breathing into the belly is very good for grounding – getting “out of your head and into your body” and circulating the breath here is very good indeed for circulation of oxygen and qi.  




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