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When you make a choice about healthcare that’s outside the NHS in this country, you do it for one of a few reasons:

You have been to your Doctor and not found it helpful.  Your Doctor has tried to be helpful but the options available have not helped, and / or have caused more problems.

or you are interested in keeping yourself well before you need to go to the Doctor and you are lucky enough to have some disposable income or you are determined and are willing to ask for a reduction in fees to help you.

Acupuncture is a great preventative medicine.  It can help keep you in balance and keep you tuned in to what is good and necessary for your health.   Recently I was with a group of acupuncturists aged between mid thirties and seventies and we were all in pretty good form.  It seemed a good advert to me.

Side effects of acupuncture, in addition to helping with whatever ailment might bring you can often include:  better sleep quality, being more relaxed and less stressed, seeing more clearly what you need to do … and more.

It’s a great medicine, no drugs just you, a fresh look at lifestyle factors and a balancing of your energy.

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