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In Chinese medicine the Kidney has pride of place, as the repository of your constitutional energy – it is that part of us that we are required to take care of and not waste.

The kidneys are located just above the waist, below the ribcage at the back of the body.  This place makes them vulnerable to cold.  Cold slows everything down.  Stiffness in the lower back is sometimes due to kidney deficiency.  If your job entails a lot of standing, try to stretch and move your hips and back try not to get stiff  Standing too much can deplete this energy..

As an acupuncturist I would advise you to keep your kidney’s warm.  There is a garment especially to help – the Haramaki –

Our Water energy is a precious resource.  We conserve through good rest and relaxation.  If you feel tired – REST!  Amazing how we often override this instinct!

Aim for a quiet mind when you can.  Look on the world without judgement.  How difficult is this at the moment!  What FEAR Is stirred up by the state of the world today.  So make sure you feel secure in yourself if you can.  Secure at home,  Have somewhere to replenish, that is just for you.

If you look out at a winter landscape what do you see, “the bare essentials”.  Much stillness.  Take time to be still.   If you feel as if your battery is flat, could be your kidney energy.

Acupuncture treatment can encourage stillness and help replenish.  







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