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Zero Balancing sessions are stand-alone treatments or having series of sessions can build profoundly into a whole new way of experiencing being embodied. 

This therapy is practiced through clothes, no undressing required.

It is gentle to receive but potentially powerful in effect, capable of helping a wide range of issues all levels.

The held pressure points and  stretches, are focused on bones and joints,  creating repeated points of stillness around which the  body can relax and reorganise.

These still points invite the release of tension, and offer the opportunity to let go of unease and tension. In this way problems may be resolved and symptoms relieved taking the person into a state of relaxation that refreshes the whole being and can give the experience of a deep sense of wellbeing and unity. 

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 “These sessions left me feeling totally relaxed, my body felt as it it had re-aligned itself.  The process is very gentle and I felt a deep sense of well being afterwards.”  Anna

“I got a real sense of being able to let go of tension that I’ve not experienced with other treatments before and my back pain improved tremendously.” Louise

“I like my body again! That’s profound.” Marie

“Everything’s in perspective – phew, thank you Julia.”  Pat




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