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I often work with women wanting to conceive and sometimes their partners too.   Sometimes this is their initial impulse to come for acupuncture  but sometimes it is for something else say Migraine.  Later it will come up that they are wanting a baby and I will incorporate points that will help.    There are no guarantees,  but pregancies arrive!

Once pregnant It is a good plan to have acupuncture throughout your pregnancy – it can deal with Morning Sickness and other difficulties that might arise.  Also, especially in the last weeks it will be preparing for the birth.  After the first trimester usually I see women once a month untill the last month, and then weekly.  Then when baby is due,  acupuncture can really help but without the surprise to the system which it might be if she hasn’t had acupuncture before the due date!.  There are also acupressure techniques which can be passed on so that nearest and dearest can encourage things around that time.

It is such a great pleasure to see someone all the way through!

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