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Going down!  Next stop Autumn – Here we go!  Writing on Saturday 21 September 2019.  Perhaps will be the last glorious day of sun and warmth.

This week  there was a cold remedy advertised on TV.  They know their business.

Change of seasons especially from Late Summer to Autumn can be challenging if we’re not on top form.  If we’ve been stressed it will impact our immunity

Changes of temperature recently have been huge – especially for England.  Glorious sunny and hot at noon and chilly morning and night.  So be prepared!

Common sense applies.  Wear layers. Eat as well as possible and sleep well. Oh! And remember don’t get stressed!  Relax – don’t sweat the small stuff!

Exercise enough.  Anything else?………..  Some people’s lists are as long as your proverbial arms

We all  aim to live a balanced life and support ourselves as well as we can.  Sometimes this is harder than others.

Acupuncture is definitely a good added support.  Book your appointment today!


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