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Thoughts about the Autumn from an acupuncture perspective.  Autumn leaves against blue sky

Coughs, Colds and Sore Throats?  – Prevention better than cure….

Those Old Wives are right about some things even though many medical men will raise eyebrows at the patient who tells them that their knees are a barometer of rain due – many patients tell me this and it is explained by Chinese Medicine. 

Damp is what we call a Pathogenic factor and if there is already a “Damp” condition within the body like arthritis, it will indeed flare up when there is more damp in the environment.

Pathogenic factors also include Wind and Cold and can enter our systems at vulnerable points – such as the neck, the head, the extremities and the joints.  So:

  • Always wrap up warmly – wear that hat, scarf and gloves or have them with you in case of need.  
  • Don’t sit on cold or wet surfaces – if you are waiting for a train and there are only those metal benches – oooh – grab one of those free papers and sit on that!!
  • Keep a spare pair of shoes at work incase your feet get wet.  
  • If you are active and doing something like cycling or gardening where your lower back can be exposed – Cover it up!!  This area is especially sensitive – wear a long top, or wrap a scarf around it.
  • If you do get chilled, don’t jump straight into a hot shower when you get home:  first, take time for a hot drink with ginger to help warm you from the inside out.   
  • If your feet are chilled, soak them in a basin of hot water with some mustard powder and ginger
  • And, of course if you do get sick, try and see your acupuncturist as soon as possible.  Timely treatment tends not only to dramatically shorten thee course of your “bug” but can also reduce the chance of any lingering after effects.  

Autumn is the season that marks a change from the Yang (active energy) to the more Yin (passive energy) of winter, so  the trend of that energy is sinking – this means it supports us to Let go.  Sleep More – try to follow the season in that.  Emotionally this sinking energy can emphasize low mood if it’s already there, Feelings of melancholy and grief are appropriate at this time of year, but  if we get stuck there very difficult feelings arise.

Acupuncture treatment at the change of the seasons is always a good idea – Especially now, if you had a good summer lets take that harvest through to sustain us  through the winter.   Eat with the season In the autumn, eat fewer cold, uncooked foods — such as salads — and more warm, cooked foods. Switch from salads to soups and steamed vegetables such as winter squash, winter peas, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and yams. Incorporate yellow and red foods into your meals.  Start your day with hot porridge.    

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