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Well, a story – The woman who asked that question came with a bad shoulder, very painful which had last recurred some years ago, at which time, after a little treatment she recovered quickly.  Since then she has developed High Blood Pressure, has had a Stroke which she recovered well from and had developed another challenging problem.  

At first treatment didn’t seem to be helping the shoulder, however, her sleep had improved.  The next session she told me  the other difficulty had had a sudden improvement then returned to a much less troublesome level. 

Between these sessions she had visited the dentist, always a trial. “I was relaxed it was first time ever!  The dentist commented how easy it had been, obviously he’d been expecting a difficult time.

So It must be working!  I have never before been relaxed at the dentist. – sleep continues to improve and the shoulder, is OK now, if I am careful, I have learned to tune in, not do too much.”

I do always say the proof of the pudding ……..

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