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Sleep disorders plague millions and can be attributed to a variety of causes.  Perhaps the main cause of insomnia and restless sleep is the whirlwind pace that most modern people live with day in and day out.  our society emphasizes “doing” so much more than “being”.

From the perspective of acupuncture, the yin aspect of life is quite depleted in the average person.  In case you have never heard of yin and yang, these are the contrasting forces that are reflected in everything in the natural world.   Yin is related to stillness, tranquility, and contemplation.  Yang to movement, accomplishment and function.  We need yin and yang to be in balance within us in order to experience true health and wellbeing.  When we are yin deficient, we easily become restless, irritable and excessively busy.  Our ability to rest and restore is compromised, as we never seem to get a break from the constant activity in our minds and our lives.

This is one of the main dilemmas that we face in terms of experiencing deep states of continuous sleep.  We have forgotten how to turn our minds off due to the frantic speed of everything around us and we have become yin deficient.  The common word is Stress, but there is a lot more to this picture than is implied.  Another way to look at this is that the sympathetic nervous system is on overdrive.  We are stuck in fight or flight mode, as we are trying to keep up with our hectic schedules and myriad responsibilities.  We have excessive amounts of cortisol and adrenalin in our systems, which keep us feeling hyped up and unable to rest.  With this pattern of yin deficiency and a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system, we often feel too warm, excessively thirsty, dried out and anxious.  This pattern is extremely common in menopausal women.

Due to the fact that we are in fight or flight, we sometimes can’t tell if we are tired.  We often feel wired and / or manic.  Yet other times we feel a deep exhaustion that feels as if it penetrates into our bones.

There are many factors contributing to insomnia, but this is the primary issue many are facing.

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