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Seasonal Treatment is a principal in Five Element Acupuncture as it brings the power of each season to help keep you in balance.   This is the  Preventative power of acupuncture.  Don’t leave it until you are unwell before booking a treatment.   Come in when you are well.  Four or Five times a year.  Our health is so important how do we value it.

In Summer – everything is wonderful, free and alive – are you?  

In Autumn it is a good time to strengthen the immune system.  Help protect from the cold that’s coming

In Winter, sometimes we can feel fearful, will our energy cope with it ?

Spring – are we ready for it raring to go – or still wanting to hibernate?

There is also a Fifth Season – Late Summer which is when the Earth element is at its Zenith – all is ripe and fruitful.  Are you bringing all your experience into your life to serve you or are you having to learn the same lesson over and over.  Is it hard for you to finish things?  Might say something about your earth element.


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