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 So, 14 April was  warm and sunny.  Out into the garden and greeting neighbours I had scarcely seen since last year.  But then it disappeared again, and there was more cold and more wind.  More wearing many layers.

Everyone has been grumpy and longing for sun.  Even those people who never seem to notice the weather, are getting restive.

Then 23rd April…… I look at my garden and it seems to have grown from Zero to at least a foot since the weekend!  There is a dusting of blue forgetmenots  which will increase and there’s much to do.  Even though it looks great just now. 

Why is it the coming of Spring important – we all know about light levels, vitamin D, warmth, longer days, fresh and enlivening atmosphere.  We feel ready for anything! or, conversely  we feel more depressed like we “just can’t”.  


Now as I write its moved on and its May 9th! so that was a good Bank Holiday and now Freezing, Very Windy.  Horrid.


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