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Abundance and fullness.  Expansiveness.


The three months of summer are called the period of luxurious growth. Everything is in bloom and begins to bear fruit.  

After a night of sleep people should get up early.  They should not weary during daytime and they should not allow their minds to become angry.  They should allow the best of them to develop and they should act as though they loved everything outside. 

From The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Su Wen)  


  • Time to socialise, be out and about meeting and communicating just enjoying being alive.
  • Take that down time, do what you love to do, with those you love.

Time of the Heart and all the associated functions and strengths of the Fire Element.   This element is represented by 3 other functions.  Interesting that Fire has four jobs:

  • Sorts the Pure from the impure so the fire can burn clearly (Small Intestine),
  • regulates temperature (Triple Burner)
  • and protects the heart (Heart Protector).

So  – if you don’t seem to get the nourishment you need from your food, or indeed from your life – perhaps your “Sorter” is out of kilter.

or – if you can’t stand the heat you need to calm your system.  Make sure you are well hydrated – drink plenty of water (2 litres over the course of the day – leave a good half hour from a drink of water to a meal and at least an hour after, not to interfere with digestion).  Avoid diuretics like caffene and sugar, and alcohol.  Be still.  

or – if you clam up when you really need to get something off your chest, if you fear speaking in groups – if you are always in company or never in company – perhaps your fire needs oxygen.

See what the British Acupuncture Council says about Summer Treatment



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