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OK, here in England this isn’t what we are seeing out our windows.  If it were perhaps it would be easier to follow an Acupuncturists advice.  Be still, rest when you can conserve energy now for Spring is coming and will need all we have to burst through and flourish.

  Winter is still, stillness builds energy and strength

Winter is associated with the Water Element and this relates to the Kidney, Bladder and Adrenal functions.  The Christmas and New Year Season, while it brings joy can also be stressful to some.  All the preparation and anticipation can lead to tiredness and feeling drained.  Not to mention the Parties and perhaps seasonal overindulgence leaving our bodies feeling drained and sluggish.

Many people come for Acupuncture at this time of year because of feeling low, fatigued and wondering how they will get through the dark days.  The perfect time to recharge your batteries.

The kidneys are thought to be the source of all the energy (Qi) in the body, and store any reserves.  These reserves are what we call on in times of stress, or when needed to heal from illness or indeed as we age.  

Kidney Essence is stored in the Kidneys, but circulates through the body. This Essence is the basis for all of the growth and development in the human body. It controls sexual maturation and reproductive capacity. It controls the growth of teeth and bones and hair. It is essential for normal brain development, sexual energy and fertility. The aging process in the body is evident by observing the normal physiological decline of Essence.

So, conserve, take time to be quiet – Meditate if you can.   There aren’t many ways we can build our Qi  Meditation is one of them.  Good Qi from good food is another and plenty of sleep.

Classic advice from the Nei Ching is to “Sleep early and rise late, when the air is warmer”  this to conserve and protect our Yang energy and not deplete it by too much rushing around.

We have just had Fire festivals, Bonfire Night, Christmas – gathering with family and friends feeds our own fire, warms our hearts and  spirits.  Gather together and be joyful.  Hope you all had a good Holiday. And feel ready for the rest of winter.  But  if you need a recharge, Acupuncture can help!



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