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Acupuncture can support you through the process of IVF.  From helping ensure you are in tip top condition before you begin, to specific protocols to prepare you before and after implantation

An article in NHS choices: . Acupuncture improves the chances of IVF success.  It must be remembered it is still a small %.  The support of Acupuncture treatment makes the whole process more manageable and less stressful.   When you are stressed and you have a treatment the calm returns and you are back to yourself. 

A course of acupuncture beginning 3 months before commencement works best.

Often you are advised that 2 years of trying to conceive without treatment is usual but so many factors are in play, a course of acupuncture especially if you suffer any menstrual difficulties, may aid fertility in itself.

The benefits of acupuncture in all areas of women’s health are many:   from regularising and improving periods, to supporting pregnancy, to lessening the symptoms of menopause. 

Acupuncture can really make all the difference.

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