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This morning bright,bright sun and brilliant blue sky, wow! good to be alive!?

Doesn’t that sharpness in the air and the brightness make you want to take a deep breath and feel how you are lifted by the day.

As an acupuncturist I have always felt amused and delighted in this particular season to discover just how well the description of the functions embodied by this season are truly present.  This is the season of the Metal Element and the Organs which represent this element are the Lungs (think of that deep breath and lightness) and the Colon – at the other end of the spectrum literally!  This is a Lung day!  Colon days are those damp grey days that come with the urge to breathe out, to let go of all that has been needlessly stored. 

Each element is “the most important”  – each organ is “the most important”  if the colon is not working every part of our system becomes sluggish and polluted.

Tips – the time of day when the colon is working at its optimum is 5am til 7am so, go sit on the toilet at that time every day – a training regime, and give yourself gentle abdominal massage regularly (note the word regularly appearing)  This is a link to a youtube video showing just that.  The first gentle movements – always in a clockwise direction are easily done as self massage and can definitely increase the peristalsis necessary to get the bowel going.  If you suffer more serious conditions do not undertake the deeper massage techniques. I am talking about common or garden constipation here.

Other tips – drink plenty of water 1.5 litres sipped throughout the day, Plenty of fruit and vegetables.  And, Never, never ignore the call from your body to go – that’s a sure way to begin or continue constipation problems.


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