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People do come to me saying, I just don’t feel right.  Don’t feel balanced.  Well acupuncture is a great choice of therapy.

It’s all about balance.

Small daffodills, spring for Acupuncture treatment and renewalIf you were to go to a Life Coach they would talk about the “Wheel of Life” and you would look at all the areas of your life:  Work, Money, Relationships, Fun, Health etc.  And you might see that your wheel was wobbly – all work and no play, or too much worry and not enough work – then strategies would be employed to get your wheel turning smoothly.

An acupuncturist will question you about all these areas and also about the major systems of the body.  We will want to know about your appetite and digestion.  Whether you catch colds easily or have a strong immune system.  We need to know about your sleep patterns.  Your mood.  Your energy.

Often going through this conversation highlights certain areas of stress or unease, and shows where problem areas may have started.

Very many times the first treatment brings a sense of balance and calm – after that it is a mutual journey to help you find what you need within.

One of the principles is that acupuncture doesn’t add to you, it simply brings into use qualities and energies that are already there, your own healing energy.

Sometimes to get back into balance we just need a little help.

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