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Well, I guess it must be Winter – thick snow, travel chaos and cold, cold, cold…

The thing about Winter and how it effects us and how the element represented here manifests within us we have to look at Water….in all its manifestations.

Ice at the moment  – frozen, still, ceased up but also pristine (for a while) making us retreat home if we can … to safety.

And, then we can understand why in 5 element terms Water / Winter is associated with the emotion of Fear…………… and therefore of course Courage and Will Power. Wonder if this is why (as well as new date, new start) the New Year’s Resolution is so apt.  It takes courage to change a bad habit or indeed to start a new one.

What happens when we are afraid generally there is a moment of Freeze (before the fight or flight mechanism kicks in, we can become the “rabbit in the headlights”.  Currently there is so much fear about in our world,   Credit Crunch, Redundancies, business fall offs,  is the worst over? or is it going to be far worse and longer than expected.  And, sometimes it seems that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Well it is. War, floods etc etc.

How much anxiety are you carrying……. and what can we do about it…….  Bring on the Fire.   Fire Festival – Christmas!!!!! Humor can deflate fear and love can ease it’s pain.

And, Look after your Kidney energy the source of will and of our deepest constitutional energy.  Take Rest (How? at this season… use your will to create a “be good to you list as well as that never ending “to do list”,



Drink hot water and lemon with some honey

Drink enough water

Do Not have bare gaps around your midriff when it’s cold.


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