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or, layers of opportunity.  When things go wrong with our system, automatically the imbalance filters through the layers.

Simplistically: you are worried, obsessed about things that are wrong, worried and afraid about the future – more than likely you will have some physical symptoms.  Headaches, tummy upsets, constipation, could be any of an endless list. 

Space in mind and body is what heals, one to the other: practice relaxation or meditation exercises  which both bring health giving space and oxygen to the system, so that things can move.

I’m not talking about hours of either, but regular. 

When we are feeling lost, or out of sorts, then we are being prompted to enquire – what do I need to do to get back to myself. 

Often we try “thinking” our way out, and that only compounds our frustration and anxiety!

STOP…. relaxation deep breath (some times we feel we “just can’t relax” well if that has become chronic you are in for problems and your deeper self knows exactly what to do.  You may just need some help and that is where “acupuncture can make all the difference”!




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