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Today looking into the garden, it is definitely still Autumn. The colours of the leaves sing out yellow and orange and are carpeting the earth beneath the cherry tree. Still lots of leaves on the tree though. But each little breath of wind and a few more drift across my view.

A  5 Element Acupuncturist especially,  keeps an eye on the changing seasons.  Why?  because of the cycles of the seasons and how the acupuncturist can help you make the most of the changes.  Many people say – as winter approaches – ” I just want to go into hibernation” or “I feel so low when the sky is always grey”.   So perhaps I need to help the fire within, to build the spirit and the energy to lift and keep going through winter.

There may be days and dates set,  that say Autumn begins now or Winter starts now.  But in our lives, rather than on the calendar,  it’s a finely judged moment.  

In fact the end of each season always seems to alternate with the next.  A couple of days ago the temperature dropped and I am sure in other parts of the country frosts have begun their magic.

Is it the same way with the seasons of our lives and our days?  Premonitions of old age or middle age come in the preceding one, there’s adjustment mentally and emotionally.

A week later…………… and all the leaves are off! the cherry tree and as we all know it’s raining. raining, raining.  

Water inundates as well as supports.   Winter is almost here and we hear it’s coming soon, with cold, cold, cold.  – time to hibernate.  And as most of us can’t hibernate   at least take more rest…………..

AND if you can’t stand the thought of WINTER – see an acupuncturist SOON!

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