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One day in the 1980’s I had been rehearsing with a Dance Group, working in an office and completely ignoring the fact that I was exhausted.  A friend recommended acupuncture to me and I was amazed.  My taste for chocolate (which had been helping me through my days) completely disappeared.  Now I don’t say this will happen to my clients though some would wish it would.  I suddenly was able to be more organised and a problem I had always had disappeared.  Well, this was something! 

When the Dance Group I was with came to the end of its run,  I decided to look at retraining, because of my experience of acupuncture and because I had always had an interest in Chinese Philosophy – Taoism, I went to an open day at The College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and was hooked!

My motivation, to bring the ease and understanding that I had found to others. 


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