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The Organs associated with the Metal Element due to their association with the Season of Autumn are the Lungs and the Colon.

As the season marks the change from the Activity (Yang) of summer, to the Hibernation / stillness (Yin) of winter perhaps we can see that it is about letting go.  But to let go, we must take in.  So this pair : Lungs – take in the good, the pure (air) and the colon and the skin too, sometimes called the 3rd lung, get rid of he rubbish so that our whole being functions with clarity.

So this function is very important.  For the whole structure of being and for the cycle of energy.  We all understand how clogged up we feel when constipated, how all our functions are slowed and how sluggish we feel. Not pure and clear like this crystal.   Crystals could be said to be part of the structure of the earth. along with metals.

Our sense of value comes from the quality of our metal element.  Not meaning being full of pride.  But feeling autonomous, standing in our own shoes.  Free and clear.  With this element in balance and flourishing we value ourselves, and realise the preciousness of our life.  We let go of negativity and welcome the clear.

Our skin is flourishing when metal is efficiently working, our breath is deep and strong.  We feel supported.

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