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I am very excited to be taking a room – Wednesday evening in a practice 5 minutes from London Bridge SE1.

It’s called Number 42 (Borough High Street) – this practice is truly multi-disciplinary – psychotherapists (of different schools) and those like myself who work more directly through the body.  It is wonderful to work with dedicated therapist. Led by Jason Wright – I believe it to be a very special place.

Stress – the word of the moment.    Acupuncture can help you with stress.   So much is written and spoke about this – what is it, what is your understanding?

Too many deadlines, too much to do, and,  am I doing it well enough, and shouldn’t I do more…. and on and on and on.  So, being overwhelmed or at least feeling overwhelmed, sets up a cycle.  So  if you are not supported enough either inside or out,  the feeling is hard to shift.  You are on edge..  Presenting symptoms may be poor sleep, poor concentration. mood  fluctuations and perhaps food and addiction issues.  Perhaps food issues.  Headaches or rashes or aches and pains.   Acupuncture can help – not just for the time in the treatment room – having acupuncture is a re-education and rebalancing of your system.  You will begin to do things that help rather than hinder you.  Taking that  break from your desk, having an “actual” lunch break more often  – it might be lots of things, and maybe you already know what you need to do, acupuncture can mobilize and motivate you to actually make the changes you need to be happier and healthier.

Acupuncture brings space.   Someone requested a particular point because with it he always felt there was a broader horizon.  Space.

I include relaxation exercises and encourage you to “do your homework”.  Sometimes diet will be contributing.  Stimulants and / sugar (alcohol, chocolate even fruit (Healthy sugar) still jolts your system and blood sugar levels can fluctuate wildly leading to anxiety and many symptoms.  

Acupuncture can make a wonderful difference!

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