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Going to be Induced!

More and more the system seems to kick in early saying to prospective mothers  – “well if you’re not on the way by next Wednesday we’ll induce you!”. Probably throughout …

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Preventative Medicine

Acupuncture can strengthen the Immune System through its understanding. While one cold a year is normal and the body’s way of cleansing the sytem, if you seem to be prone …

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Glorious Autumn Day

This morning bright,bright sun and brilliant blue sky, wow! good to be alive!? Doesn’t that sharpness in the air and the brightness make you want to take a deep breath …

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Winter – Courage!

Well, I guess it must be Winter – thick snow, travel chaos and cold, cold, cold… The thing about Winter and how it effects us and how the element represented …

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Seasonal Treatment

Seasonal Treatment is a principal in Five Element Acupuncture as it brings the power of each season to help keep you in balance.   This is the  Preventative power of acupuncture.  …

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A change of view

This blog is going to start backwards – if there is anyone reading this.  I was due to begin this endeavour in March, Had just to learn how to use …